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GRAPHENE will soon take over the world.

Potential Graphene applications include lightweight, thin, flexible electric/photonics circuits, solar cells, various medical, chemical and industrial processes enhanced or enabled by the use of new Ultra-Pure Graphene Nano materials.


Revolution in Desalination Technology. If we make membranes from graphene, they would be able to let water through while filtering out salt at the same time.

Scientist from Australian Common Wealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization in 2018 has made sea water drinkable after just a single use of a particular form of graphene called “GRAPHAIR”.

Super Strong Body Armor

Super strong body armor researched from Georgia tech have recently demonstrated how two atomic layers of graphene managed to remain intact, after scientist tried to perforate them with a diamond tip.

The graphene body Armor made of nano material is the lightest and strongest armor tested.


Scientist at the University of ILLINOIS have determined that graphene can assist in detecting ‘Cancerous Cells’ in the body.

Researches from University of Texas have invented temporary tattoos that are based on graphene nano material. Since these tattoos are only a single layer, they can keep track of a person’s vitals, including their level of hydration and skin temperature.


Batteries based on graphene will be able to recharge incredibly quickly. It will be possible them to go from empty to full in less than 15minutes and they can be charged more than 35000 times.


One of graphene main property is its flexibility. Electronics based on graphene technology will inherit the same trait, also we might end up with flexible smart phones using this nano material.


Running shoes for new generation, this has already been tested in the labs of Manchester University. Shoes rubber out soles are made up graphene lies in the fact that they are much stronger and stretcher than other common materials.


Glowing wall papers made up of graphene may be the reason why light bulbs become a thing of the past.

This glowing wall papers with graphene based electrode nano technology will provide pleasant and adjustable light, such lighting will also be much more energy efficient than other modern light bulbs.


Graphene is practically imperable. Just one coating of graphene nano material-based paint will be able to prevent corrosion. Copper plates covered with such paint may even be used as a containers to hold extremely corrosive acids.


Graphene can also be used in the beauty industry as well. It will be the perfect alternative to current hair dyes which are still toxic & damaging to hair.

In 2018 scientist from Northwestern University found out that graphene can be as effective as permanent hair dyes, without the need for toxic molecular ingredients. Unlike other dyes, graphene has antibacterial, thermal – dissipation and antistatic qualities.